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Celebrating Celtic Heritage Through Dance & Events


Nanaimo's Celtic Fusion Award Winning Dance Company

Our Celtic dance classes (for all ages) are designed to improve fitness and well-being. Learn Highland and Irish dancing - and their traditions.

We thrive on community dance performances for enterprises and businesses who want to stand out from the crowd. Come and watch us perform!

Our Ethos

At Acclaim Celtic Dancers, we are dedicated to celebrating the joy of Celtic (Irish and Highland dance). Our studios and events are a welcoming and inclusive community where dancers of all levels can come together to learn, grow and perform.


Our experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their love of Celtic dance with others.

Whether you are looking to get in touch with your roots, have fun with friends, or improve your fitness and well-being, learning Celtic dance (or being apart of our community events) is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that we invite you to discover. It is our great privilege to get you started on your lifelong journey and love for dance.

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Celtic dance is a vibrant and dynamic form of dance that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Scotland and Ireland through encompassing a variety of dance styles.  Everything from vigorous highland dancing, lively Scottish country dancing to energetic Irish step dancing and everything in between.


Our child, youth and adult dance classes are structured in small groups and introduce Celtic dance culture variations and short dance routines, that can be very useful in community performances - in which we thrive.

Giving back to our community is of the utmost important to us. 

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